My Live Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Program Review!

My Live Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Program Review!

affiliate bootcamp reviewAffiliate Bootcamp

But before giving my live clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program review, I want to share a short story or you can say my experiences with clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp training of 15 days. And why I thought to restart my training again from Day 1.

Lets start!

To me as an affiliate, its been more than 4 years in this online industry promoting affiliate products.

And I have gone through so many coaching programs as well training of big gurus as well as experts in this online industry.

Sometimes I failed and sometimes I succeed. But still I am willing to learn, willing to fail and most important willing to invest in myself and my business. Right!

Ok! Coming to the point of affiliate bootcamp,

Actually I heard about clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program when I created my account with clickfunnels to create my landing page to capture the lead as an affiliate.

Very frankly initially I was skeptical about this affiliate bootcamp program.

Even, I was under impression that this might be like the same other’s affiliate programs or coaching programs which I had gone through in my past.

But when I went through the training of clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp, only one word came through my mouth and that was "WOW".

Really after watching the affiliate bootcamp training, I said to myself that I have paid a lot of money on different-2 coaching programs to learn how to do affiliate marketing or you can say how to make money online.

But this affiliate bootcamp training is above the all training as well as coaching programs which I had gone through in my past.

And one interesting thing is that there is no cost to join clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp training. Great!

According to me this clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp training might be more than $1000 but you’re getting this affiliate bootcamp program at no cost inside of clickfunnels affiliate account. Awsome! Isn’t it?

So coming further, after going through the affiliate bootcamp training, I realized myself that I know only little bit about affiliate marketing.

You know what mistakes I was doing! I was just choosing the product and was promoting to make commission. But it is not the case.

There is always a strategy behind to promote anything. And this strategy part I was missing in my every affiliate campaign.

Yes about this strategy part I got to know inside the clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp. So, still there is a lot of things to learn about affiliate marketing or internet marketing.

Later on, a big Ahaa moment during my training day of 15 in my clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program was when I made $118.80. Again "Wow". You can see the screen shot below.

Note:- This below screenshot of income is not to brag about my income. This is just to motivate you or tell you that system works if it is done strategically. Right!

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